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Enterprise vision: a large enterprise with international competitiveness, to create a superior and efficient international enterprise
The mission of the enterprise is responsible for the state, responsible for the society, responsible for the customer, responsible for the staff.
【Responsible for the state】 - making contribution to the country and making greater contribution to the economic and social development of our country.
【To the social responsibility】 -- for the social harmony, the pursuit of efficiency and the coordination of the environment.
【Responsible for customer】 the customer is responsible for the excellent product quality, win customer trust and market recognition.
【Responsible for staff】 the staff responsible for the staff to seek happiness, people-oriented, to help employees to realize their personal values and improve the quality of life.
The pursuit of enterprise value -- the establishment of the value idea, the establishment of the enterprise image, and the construction of the enterprise culture atmosphere.
【To establish the value idea】-- to lead the harmony with the scientific development concept, expand the market, extend the industrial chain, form the perfect and efficient management mode, and always put the interests of the enterprise and the employee benefits closely together.
【To establish a corporate image】-adhere to the road of sustainable development, to reform and innovation to promote harmony, focus on enterprise and development, in the industry to establish a "integrity, security, responsibility, green, environmental protection" harmonious corporate image.
【Enterprise culture atmosphere】-which is to foster harmony and create an equal, open, harmonious and upward enterprise culture atmosphere, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprise staff, and strengthen the cohesion and solidarity of the enterprise.
Core concept - professional and efficient win-win integrity
【Professional】 - professional is the foundation. The most professional attitude to provide the best quality products and services, is our competitive advantage.
【Efficient】 - efficient is the basis for the industrial. Emphasize management and management of high efficiency, reform and incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, optimize the operation process, improve operational efficiency, improve economic efficiency.
【Win】 - is the success of win-win and win-win principle. Industry cooperation and win-win cooperation, the enterprise within the team, to play the advantages of enterprises and individuals, the creation of the overall value of the enterprise.
【Sincerity】- honesty honesty is the law of changqing. In good faith management, integrity management, sincere to provide customers with quality products and services, sincerely to the staff to give positive feedback and feedback to enhance the brand image, establish the concept of good faith management.

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