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Three Suggestions to the development of metal products industry in our country

   First of all, improve the product concentration, promote the brand construction. Enterprises should be market-oriented, developing metal products industry gathering area construction, reasonable planning, pickling, heat treatment, pay attention to environmental protection; To strengthen the construction of enterprise technology center, and constantly improve the quality, improve the grade of products.
   Second, eliminate energy equipment, improve the metal barriers to entry. In summary, prestressed steel strand wire rope products permit system, on the basis of industry should implement license management for other metal products, strengthen the administration of industry and avoid vicious competition.
   Third, to promote environmental protection and energy saving technology, clean production. In the implementation of the permit, related businesses supporting environmental protection and energy saving technology and clean production technology policy, eliminate pollution serious big pond behind tooling equipment such as pickling and coal muffle furnace. At the national iron and steel industry "twelfth five-year" development planning and the current guidelines on priority to the development of high technology industrialization key areas (2011) "of China under the policies of countries such as series, the metal products production, improve production efficiency and achieve incremental equipped at the same time, industry enterprises to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, clean production.

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